For more than 50 years, Hiller GmbH has been developing and manufacturing decanting centrifuges and complete plants for solid/liquid separation at its state-of-the-art production facilities in Vilsbiburg/Germany. Since 2018 Hiller GmbH is a member of the Swiss Ferrum Group.


Hiller decanting centrifuges meet your separating needs!

A centrifuge is a highly versatile machine in usage for the highly efficient separation of solid substances with simultaneous separation of liquid phases.

Working principle of a Decanter-Centrifuge

Typical applications of Hiller decanting centrifuges include environmental technology and sewage treatment, food and luxury goods, extraction and processing of mineral oil, gas and renewable energy as well as in the field of tunnel technology and mining, and the chemical-, processing and pharmaceutical industries.


Tailored to our customers' needs

Custom-built decanting centrifuges tailored to specific customer requirements as well as turnkey plants are Hiller's speciality. Our decanters can be custom-designed for a wide variety of needs. Examples include applications requiring explosion protection and thus designed in line with ATEX or food decanters in different hygiene versions, depending on the product. Our customers and their needs are always at the forefront in designing our decanters.


"Made in Germany" quality

The headquarters site for production and administration is Vilsbiburg in Bavaria. Hiller GmbH is represented by sales offices and partners around the world.