Hiller decanter centrifuges for  Oil-, Gas- and Energy Industries


Power generation

Example applications

  1. Algae harvesting
  2. Plant oil production and cleaning
  3. Glycerine preparation from biodiesel production
  4. Grains from bioethanol production
  5. Fermented biowaste
  6. Flue gas cleaning sludges
  7. Sulphur from natural gas desulphurisation

To ensure the ability to reliably cover humanity's growing energy needs for the future, in energy generation the focus is increasingly not only on efficiency but also on sustainability and environmental friendliness, and research is being carried out for future-proof solutions. This means that the entire industry sector is undergoing continuous change, continuously creating new potential applications for such a versatile machine as the decanter. Hiller high performance decanters have been successfully in use in the energy sector for over 50 years. Many tasks for our decanters in this field relate to the dewatering of various residues, but they also play a key role in the generation of the raw materials.


Resource-conserving oil reclaiming

Example applications

  1. Ground sludge from oil storage tanks
  2. Slop oil from lagoons and refineries
  3. Sludges from plant oil mills
  4. Waste from the food industry
  5. Kitchen waste
  6. Used food grease
  7. Slaughterhouse waste
  8. Rendering
  9. Waste from the leather industry

n addition to these traditional tasks in the field of waste material preparation, recycling tasks play an enormously important role. This is because due to rising oil prices and increased levels of environmental awareness, the reclaiming of mineral, plant-based and animal oils from various waste products and by-products has been becoming ever more important for some years now. The correct preparation of millions of tonnes of mineral oil sludges worldwide from conveying, storing and refining crude oil generates a valuable raw material and energy source. Potential hazards for water, air and earth are removed and surfaces previously lost are made available again for appropriate usage. The processing of plant-based and animal-based waste also opens up sources for high quality oils and greases, and frequently also converts the solids in the waste into a valuable by-product.


Hiller 3-phase decanter

The Hiller decanter with 3-phase technology was designed specifically for the highly efficient separation of solids with simultaneous separation of two liquid phases.

The mixture requires a fixed feed pipe in the turning bowl and is spun radially against the drum wall. The centrifugal force generated by the drum rotation rapidly deposits the solid particles onto the drum wall, and from here it is transported to the solids discharge openings via a screw conveyor. Whereas the clarified liquid flows on the scroll into the liquid discharge zone, the centrifugal force causes the separation of the non-mixing light and heavy phases (normally oil and water); the oil collects in the direction of the rotary axis whereas the water continues to collect in the direction towards the drum wall. An overflow weir or a retaining disk in the liquid discharge zone separates the two phases, whereby oil and water can flow in separate chutes outside the rotor. The power levels of the oil and water phases are set in line with the relative density of the phases and the corresponding volumes to achieve optimum separation of the two liquids. The liquid phases can be conveyed away via weir disks, adjustable tubes or a skimming disk. The optimum solids separation, lowest residual solids separation and maximum purity of the liquid phases can be achieved by setting the liquid levels in the rotor and the differential speed of the screw conveyor.


Industrial decanters in ATEX design

All our decanter centrifuges can be designed according to ATEX requirements. Our design for the ATEX decanter takes the customer's wishes into consideration and all requirements that have to be met - depending on the respective application and the installation environment. You can rely on decades of experience of our team members. (>> ATEX)


Öl und Gas


Depending on the application in question, Hiller high performance decanters feature a range of important advantages:

  1. High product value thanks to maximum purity of the products obtained
  2. Minimised disposal costs thanks to minimal residual moisture in the solids
  3. Very low personnel costs thanks to the suitability for continuous operation and automatic operation
  4. Low space requirement due to very compact dimensions
  5. Minimal odour and aerosol emissions due to the closed design
  6. Design based on simple and cost-effective upkeep, as well as on a long service life
  7. Robust, industry-compatible design and high quality "Made in Germany" production.




Schematic sectional drawing through a HILLER TricaPress three-phase centrifuge

TricaEN HPn