Chemie HP


Chemical industry

Developments in the chemical industry are of enormous importance for the wellbeing of humanity and are generally closely linked to other fields, such as the processing and pharmaceutical industries. In this sector there are numerous processes for which Hiller decanters are ideally suited. Whether it's the extraction of specific contents, classification, dewatering or the separation of different liquid mixtures. Processes in the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry must be safe and error-free, and must also run efficiently. Specifically for this sector, we have developed decanters that meet these high requirements. As well as the traditional Hiller decanters, gas-tight decanters designed for operation in explosion safety zones that conform to ATEX regulations are also used here.


Example applications

  1. Paper sludge dewatering
  2. Extraction of plant extracts
  3. Separation of organic acids (liquid / liquid separation)
  4. Solids/liquid separation of mineral substances
  5. Oil preparation
  6. Plastics recycling/sorting
  7. Lecithin extraction
  8. Inks and paint
  9. Mycellium sludge processing (antibiotics)
  10. HEC production (hydroxyethyl cellulose)
  11. Catalytic converter production
  12. Tar chemistry
  13. Colour pigment production


  1. Long service life
  2. High level of wear protection
  3. Minimal personnel required
  4. Optimised energy consumption
  5. Low cost of repairs and maintenance
  6. Reduced operating costs

High performance

  1. High throughput
  2. Low residual humidity
  3. Adjustable clarification level via skimming disk
  4. Gentle processing
  5. Continuous, fully automated operation