Hiller Decanter Centrifuges for Mining, Tunneling & Drilling Fluids


Mineral industry

Centrifuges are used all over the world to prepare mineral suspensions. Hiller decanters are ideally suited to hydrometallic processes, such the extraction of gold, silver or nickel. The processing of industrial minerals such as calcium carbonate, kaolin or titanium dioxide is also optimally carried out using Hiller technology. The dewatering and classification of mineral sludges is a complex issue, and requires special designs. Hiller high performance decanters have been developed and optimised rigorously for these applications.

Mining and tunnel construction, drilling fluids

Due to globalisation, the expansion of road networks is increasingly gaining in importance. Hiller decanter centrifuges are increasingly used for solids/liquid separation in tunnel construction, both for shield tunnelling technology, and for microtunnelling and tunnel dewatering. A further application is the processing of drilling sludges in the geothermals field.



Benefits of the Hiller decanter

  1. High throughput level
  2. High level of reliability
  3. High performance wear resistance
  4. Long service life
  5. Service-friendly design
  6. Powerful drive system
  7. Maximum dry content in the solids
  8. Economical and energy-efficient operation


Example applications

  1. Minerals such as calcium carbonate (GCC and PCC), clay, lithium, titanium oxide, zeolite, fieldspar, gypsum, kaolin, etc
  2. Metallurgic processes such as the processing of nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, zinc and copper
  3. Dewatering of sludge from excavations
  4. Dewatering of sludge from quarries
  5. Dewatering of sludge during cutting and grinding of rock, concrete and ceramics
  6. Dewatering of sludge during the washing of sand and gravel
  7. Dewatering of sludge when cleaning up after earthworks
  8. Recovery of baryte from weighted sludges with vertical holes
  9. Removal and dewatering of fine-grade materials from unweighted or unprocessed sludges with vertical holes

Impala 1 HPz

Hiller DecaPress decanter underground