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ATEX safety based on many years of experience

Hiller decanters and plants are used in many applications that require explosion protection. The designs are based on ATEX stipulations. Hiller GmbH offers its customers the advantage here of many years of experience in meeting a variety of process requirements. Hiller ATEX Anlage We design the entire plant specifically for the customer's application; this can extend from use in an explosion-proof environment for zones 1 and 2 through to a solution for processing flammable or toxic media via inertisation. In this process, the oxygen in the air within the centrifuge and seals is replaced with inert gas.

As a general principle, there are two aspects of explosion protection for decanter centrifuges:

Requirements arising from the installation environment, even if the product itself may be entirely non-hazardous.

Hiller decanter centrifuges are rated in line with ATEX95 and can be used in ex-zones 1 and 2 for gas groups IIA and IIB in temperature classes T3 and T4.

For safety-critical work, Hiller also has SCC-certified personnel.

Examples of use

  1. Classification of color pigments in a petroleum spirit suspension
  2. Alcoholic herb and root extracts
  3. Separation of chemical intermediate products from acetone
  4. Separation of menthol from a salt suspension
  5. Processing of waste products from the mineral oil industry

When it comes to a highly safety-critical and complex topic such as explosion protection, Hiller offers its customers the benefit of many years of experience. On this basis, Hiller is able to design, manufacture and commission its decanters and systems for the specified normal operation in full accordance with all relevant safety rules and guidelines.




Hiller DecaPress decanter in gas-tight design