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Company history

Hiller GmbH was founded in 1971 in Vilsbiburg (Bavaria) by Georg Hiller, Senior and for many years was a highly successful company renowned as an OEM supplier, later project-business at the end-user level was added for Germany and a number of Export targets. Since 2018 Hiller GmbH is a member of the Swiss Ferrum Group and has now a global market access. Managing Directors are Dietmar Heller, Thomas Barth and Georg von Massenbach.

Maximum quality

With over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing decanting centrifuges and turnkey plants, we guarantee the highest possible product quality. This high quality has top priority at Hiller - to keep this at a consistently high level, we rely on the Bavaria site and deliver high quality "Made in Germany" products to our customers. In addition, continuous internal process optimisation and external certifications, including DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, help us to maintain these high standards.


Hiller is an innovative company with state-of-the-art production facilities and continuous development of manufacturing processes. As a matter of course, we utilise the latest tools across all project stages, from design to planning and project management through to production.

Hiller GmbH – your reliable OEM partner

For over 50 years, Hiller GmbH has also been an "original equipment manufacturer", or OEM. Many renowned companies have been successfully integrating our decanters into their systems for many years. Reliable, maximum quality and innovative ideas, combined with a fair partnership, have seen us not only enjoy internationally successful for many years, but also become the ideal OEM–supplier for our customers. As an OEM supplier, Hiller GmbH manufactures high performance decanters for solid/liquid separation in a wide variety of designs, depending on customer requirements. In principle all decanter sizes and equipment variants are available from Hiller; examples include decanters in an ATEX variant, two or three phase versions, with or without skimming disk, etc. As a specialist in decanter technology, we offer our expertise to companies around the world: from concept generation and product development, to special product design through to custom manufacturing and technical consulting.


Benefits for our OEM customers at a glance:Made in Germany 2 HP222

  1. sound procedure and product knowledge in separation technology
  2. individual and high quality solutions for your system
  3. long-term, partnership relationships with our customers
  4. latest technology and product innovations
  5. manufacturing of customer-specific products