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Perfect interaction - all system components from a single source

En route from raw product to finished product, the Hiller decanter is an important key to success, but it is not the only one. The appropriate design of the peripheral components as well as the perfect interaction of all plant and process components are also of critical importance. Hiller GmbH undertakes the entire engineering process for you, from installation planning to project planning for all the necessary individual components from electrical engineering through to the overall planning of process-oriented customer solutions. This means we guarantee for our customers the safe and efficient operation of their plants with a total solution all from one source.



Compact Hiller Centrifuge Plants Compact Plants with Hiller Decanters Compact Polymer Station

Compact Hiller Decanter- and Polymer Plants


Turnkey decanter plants - the fast route to success

Hiller offers you compact solutions for your separation task: made-to-measure, turnkey plants. These are fully pre-assembled, piped, cabled and factory tested, making them operationally ready to tackle your tasks immediately. Based on the local site conditions and the customer's requirements, we deliver turnkey plants for all our standard decanter models, in containers, on trailers or pre-assembled onto a steel frame.


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Automation - Maximum quality levels from Hiller

To ensure a perfect workflow for your plant, at Hiller we rely on the automation experts within our own specialist team. The decanter control is designed for the specific requirements of the machine in question, and offers simple operation. By delivering the complete switchgear system, Hiller provides its customers with a comprehensive solution as a 'one stop shop', also avoiding unnecessary interface problems. This means that in addition to a powerful process, we also ensure problem-free commissioning and user-friendly handling in operation.

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Hiller Remote Monitoring

To provide for a trouble-free operation, Hiller offers its customers a remote monitoring. This monitoring ensures a prompt support in case of any faults and additionally leads to a constant process optimization. The Hiller remote monitoring is easily integrated into your existing system. Furthermore, if desired, it enables our service technicians to assist you based on your process data only within a few minutes.


Hiller Centrate Control

The Hiller Centrate Control is a unique and patented system, which guarantees our customers optimum process security. By using this system, a continuously high centrate quality is ensured and any discrepancies are identified fast. An object sensor monitors the centrate continuously and, if necessary, also regulates parameters like the differential speed, polymer quantity, and feed quantity etc. Thus, the highest possible process security is ensured. Simultaneously, considerable costs for polymer overdoses are saved. The HILLER CENTRATE CONTROL is easy to integrate into all common HILLER plants.

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The Hiller Project Management


Kraus HP     Robert Kraus
    Head of Project Management
Steckenbiller HP     Bernhard Steckenbiller
    Project Manager
Hammerl HP

    Dominik Hammerl
    Project Manager

 Rieger HP2

    Michael Rieger
    Project Manager

Albrecht HP     Andreas Albrecht
    Project Engineering
Huber HP     Stefan Huber
    Project Engineering
HillerSchneckeLogo     Max Leupold
    Project Engineering
Vorbuchner HP     Robert Vorbuchner
    Project Engineering
Tomic HP     Nikica Tomic
    Project Engineering
 Petersohn HP     Julian Petersohn
    Project Engineering
Holbl HP     Fritz Holbl
    Electrical Engineering
Gierke HP     Stefan Gierke
    Electrical Engineering
Mooshuber HP     Thomas Mooshuber
    Electrical Engineering
Platzer HP     Veronika Platzer
    Project Assistant
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