Hiller Decanters for Food- & Beverage Industries


Gentle product processing

Example applications

  1. Fruit / vegetable juices
  2. Berry juices
  3. Chokeberries
  4. Puree
  5. Apple pomace / apple juice
  6. Olive oil
  7. Rapeseed oil
  8. Avocado oil
  9. Fish processing
  10. Sugar processing / sugar extraction
  11. Potato processing
  12. Yeast / beer yeast / wort
  13. Spent grains / hops
  14. Whey / milk products
  15. Plant juices
  16. Cooking fats
  17. Tea extracts
  18. Wheat starch
  19. Fruit extracts
  20. Grape juice / wine
  21. Greaves
  22. Coffee grounds / coffee extract
  23. Maize germ
  24. Maize starch
  25. Soda
  26. Salt
  27. Lees preparation

The market for food and drink is experiencing continued growth. Industry is required to provide a high level of services to be able to meet the wide variety of customer requirements. As a result, suppliers to this industry sector face high requirements in relation to hygiene, efficiency and gentle product processing. Hiller decanter technology has been successfully deployed in a wide variety of sectors within the food and drink industry for many years. Hiller decanters are not only extremely powerful, but are also based on an optimised procedure for the food and drink industry. The closed system prevents oxidation and guarantees gentle processing. Potential applications include the production of naturally cloudy juices or juice concentrate, purées, smoothies, baby food, wine and edible oils. Hiller has long established itself as the expert in the market here and collaborates with numerous food manufacturers. In the field of olive oil, Hiller has been a world-leading supplier of decanter technology for around 40 years already.


Making of Organic Aronia Juice with a Hiller Decanter


Our customers profit from low operating costs thanks to the reduced consumption of energy and fresh water, as well as reduced personnel, servicing and maintenance costs. What is more, high throughput rates coupled with maximum yields and a long machine service life ensure maximum cost-effectiveness.

Hiller decanters process up to 30,000 kilograms per hour at the maximum capacity level. Control systems and design-based procedure optimisations ensure smooth-running operation, short cleaning and setup times as well as flexible setting options during ongoing production processes. The cleaning of the machine runs fully automatically via a CIP cleaning system. Depending on the application in question, our decanters are available in different hygiene versions. For the food sector, we currently offer decanters in three sizes, covering a throughput range of approx. 1m³ to up to 25m³.



Hiller Conditioners

Hiller Conditioner

Many processes can also be optimised if there is an upstream conditioner with the decanter. This ensures optimal cell breakdown with raw goods. This improves the consistency of the end product and valuable constituents are released.



Read how a well-known wine producer optimized his production process with Hiller decanters:
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Schematic sectional drawing through a HILLER DecaFood two-phase centrifuge



DecaFood EN HP




Olivenöl HP

Olive oil extraction in Spain