Centrífugas decantadoras e instalaciones listas para separación de sólido- líquido

Sustainability defines our current spirit of the times, because it is more important than ever and affects every area of life for all of us. Companies must also ask themselves how sustainable not only their products are, but also their production processes.


Sustainable production means that goods are manufactured in a way that conserves resources and preserves the regenerative capacity of the environment. At Hiller, we are a company with end products that protect the environment and help it regenerate. Hiller decanters, for example, protect our water and help to clean polluted waters such as lakes or rivers. The decanter is essential in helping to restore these waters to drinking water quality.

As a preventive measure, this purification is carried out, for example, by sewage treatment plants. The wastewater produced is cleaned with Hiller decanters and then returned to the natural water cycle.


The sustainable production of these machines is very important to us and a voluntary commitment. With our constantly growing machinery in production, we are reducing our dependence on global supply chains and have therefore been continuously insourcing for many components that used to come from far away for many years. In doing so, we find time and again that sustainably and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we sustainably manufacture many components for our machines ourselves, efficiently and cost-effectively, with a high degree of value added. A win-win situation for the environment and economy.


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