Centrífugas decantadoras e instalaciones listas para separación de sólido- líquido

As a compact unit on a mobile platform, the Hiller DecaSmart is characterised by its immediate readiness for use for various drainage tasks. The ready-to-use pre-assembled decanter can be easily integrated into any existing system with plug & play. The DecaSmart can be used for a wide range of solid-liquid separation tasks, including industrial wastewater treatment plants.


In order to be able to offer an optimal solution for different flow rates, a DecaSmart with the decanter size DP31 is now available in addition to the current Hiller DecaSmart DP45N.
The new Hiller DecaSmart DP31 is suitable for throughputs of up to 5m³/h and is therefore ideally suited for use on smaller wastewater treatment plants.


In terms of process technology, Hiller’s DecaSmart series offers a separation solution that is as powerful and economical as ever, with a high dry matter content and optimum centrate separation efficiency in the result.


The most significant advantages of the compact plant are, among other things, the quick availability at the customer’s site, the simple plug & play integration into the running operation as well as the attractive price/performance ratio.

DecaSmart DP31 1 b größer HP