Centrífugas decantadoras e instalaciones listas para separación de sólido- líquido

Hiller GmbH has recorded a pleasingly high order intake this year and already sees a very good year in 2024.


One factor behind the high order intake is one of Hiller GmbH’s strongest sales partners, Huber Technology s.r.l. from Italy. The two companies have been working together extremely successfully for over 22 years now and have sold 337 decanters together during this time. This year, a major order for 38 decanter centrifuges was secured from the Italian wastewater association Acquedotto Pugliese (AQP) in collaboration with Huber Technology. This is Hiller’s largest single order from Italy in the company’s history to date.


Route to awarding the order

The AQP wastewater association is responsible for all of Apulia (southern Italy) and includes 184 wastewater treatment plants that treat wastewater for a total of 4 million inhabitants. The first collaboration with AQP took place in 2019, when 13 decanters were awarded to Hiller GmbH after participating in a public tender.

This year, AQP’s investment requirements were very high and a large tender with a high investment was put out to public tender. Thanks to the good experience from the previous project with the professional project management, the after-sales service on site in Italy and the excellent separation results of the Hiller decanters, Hiller GmbH was again invited to take part in the tender.


Together with two other providers, Hiller GmbH was able to fulfil the high requirements of the tender and qualified for a three-week trial at the customer’s site. All suppliers were on site at the same time in order to create equal conditions for all participants.

In all three trial weeks, Hiller GmbH, together with Huber Technology, was able to assert itself as the strongest supplier in terms of process technology.

In September, the two companies received the major order for 38 decanter centrifuges from the DP664 and DP45 series.

The high hurdles during the tender phase and in the trial weeks were overcome thanks to the excellent and decades-long cooperation with Huber Technolgy as a team.


The majority of the machines will be delivered by the end of this year, with the remaining decanters leaving Hiller for Italy in the first few weeks of the new year.


Outlook for 2024

In addition to the major order from Italy, Hiller won many other major projects in the second half of the year, resulting in a very pleasing order intake in 2023. These major projects will then be realised and delivered in 2024, which is why the company can already look forward to a very positive next year.


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