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The wastewater treatment plant of the town of Traunstein (Germany) drains approx. 4.5 million cubic metres of wastewater per year. Thanks to its capacity of 99,000 PE, other neighbouring communities are connected to the sewage treatment plant in addition to the town of Traunstein.


Renewal of the thickening system

In addition to dewatering, the Traunstein WWTP also focussed early on thickening its own sewage sludge. The two existing plants were getting a bit long in the tooth and so, for reasons of profitability, a new thickening decanter was initially put out to public tender in 2020. The company Hiller was able to win the tender, primarily due to its unique lysate device, and was awarded the contract for a DP484 decanter. Thanks to the lysate technology on the thickening decanter, the sewage treatment plant achieves a reduced viscosity and better pumping properties of the sludge, increased degradation of the organic content due to a longer retention time in the digestion tower, an increase in the gas yield and an improvement in the dewatering behaviour.


Renewal of the dewatering system and commissioning of engineering

Following the successful installation of the Hiller thickening decanter, the dewatering system was also put out to tender two years later. Here too, Hiller won the contract with a DP574 decanter. The decisive factor in awarding the contract was on the one hand the fulfilment of the required, which Hiller was able to provide as a single-source provider. The engineering services commissioned include the conveyor technology, the combined housing of the decanter in a container and other plant technology in the building.


Mr. Bernhard Schmidt, Operations Manager of the WWTP Traunstein, says: “We are very satisfied with the excellent support before, during and after the purchase of the Hiller decanters. The smooth project handling and quality of both the decanter and the plant construction convinced us.”


Discharge size:

99,000 PE

Wastewater volume:

4.5 million m³ per year


City of Traunstein, Siegsdorf, Surberg, Vachendorf, Neukirchen


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