In July 2020 we were able to add a very special mobile test and rental unit to our existing fleet. The new MA4 is the first Hiller mobile unit with a DP664 decanter centrifuge and therefore perfectly suited for trials or rentals at larger sites with high throughput capacity requirements. The new MA4 is also very special, because it is the first mobile plant which was completely designed and built within the Ferrum Group. From design and project management to installation and pre-commissioning, everything was handled by Hiller GmbH, Spomasz Wronki Sp. Z o.o. and Ferrum AG.

Hiller MA4 mobile test and rental unit

The heart of the plant, the DP664 decanter, naturally comes from the Bavarian production halls of Hiller GmbH

The technical data of the new MA4 mobile unit

  1. Turnkey mobile test unit on a mobile trailer
  2. DP664/FD in 40" container
  3. Decanter control system: Hiller SEE Control
  4. Control system of the entire plant: Siemens S7 1200
  5. Total weight including trailer: 30 tons
  6. Sludge troughput rate: up to 75m³/h
  7. Fully automatic polymer station with a input rate of up to 12,000l/h and up to 0.5% active substance with exclusive liquid polymer addition
  8. Integrated macerator for to protection of the plant periphery
  9. Automatic freight and polymer adjustment through integrated solids measurement
  10. Hiller Centrate Control for the maximum degree of dewatering by the CentrateControl HCC camera
  11. Easy control and operation for the customer
  12. After commissioning by a Hiller test or service technician the plant runs fully automatically and can be operated by the customer

Contact our test department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.July 2020