Record year for Hiller GmbH

Following the record annual results in 2020, Hiller GmbH was again able to close the year 2021 with a new record. After the very good year in 2020, the management of Hiller GmbH had set the goals for 2021 even higher. Despite the adverse circumstances in connection with the Covid pandemic, the newly formulated objectives were met and even exceeded. Turnover was increased by approx. 7 % compared to the previous year, with increased profitability at the same time.


For Hiller GmbH, this is the best result in the company's 50-year history.


Compared to last year, it was possible to pay out a 45 % higher profit sharing to the employees. In addition, wages and salaries were raised as of April 2022.



Massive investments within the Ferrum Group, including 1.6 million euros in the Vilsbiburg site

Hiller GmbH has already been part of the Swiss Ferrum Group since 2018 and represents the competence centre for the development and production of decanter technology within the group. In order to further expand the flourishing business fields of Ferrum AG, investments of approximately 35 million euros are planned at the various locations until 2025. Especially at Hiller in Vilsbiburg, investments are again being made this year in the modernisation of the production facilities.

At the end of the year, the CNC machine park will be expanded by a new WFL M50 / 2000. The decision for this machine tool, developed and built in Linz, is the continuous pursuit of the production strategy that Georg Hiller initiated in 2008 with the purchase of a WFL M120 / 5000 and later continued with a WFL M80 / 3000 in 2015.


In the run-up to the investment, extensive analyses were carried out to determine which production parts would be used to capacity on this machine, and the size of the WFL was configured precisely according to the range of parts determined. Small additional functions, such as an automatic tool breakage control, should help to further increase the efficiency of production.


The investment in the WFL M50 represents the largest single investment for Hiller GmbH in the current financial year. In total, over 1.6 million euros will again be invested in the Vilsbiburg site in 2022.