The disposal and service company Grünstadt AöR, the service provider of the city of Grünstadt, is responsible for the maintenance and care of the municipal areas as well as the operation of the sewage treatment plant Grünstadt.

A sewage treatment plant for 44,000 P.E., which is widely known for its innovative orientation towards decentralised economic sewage sludge treatment. The digested sludge, which is dewatered by a Hiller high-performance centrifuge, is dried on site using solar technology and then fed into a sewage sludge reformer. In the long term, this completed, decentralised treatment process should enable the option of energetic utilisation of sewage sludge and a present raw material for phosphorus recovery.

Of course, we are particularly pleased to be present in this highly innovative environment with our Hiller DP45N high-performance centrifuge and its process engineering advantages. The decision to renew the sewage sludge dewatering treatment plant in 2020 was preceded by a public tender competition, in which the characteristics of Hiller’s offer were decisive for the award of the contract.

Currently, about 12,500 m³ of digested sludge with an initial dry matter content of 2 -3% is dewatered annually to 26% to 29%. It is a matter of course for Hiller that the highest degree of separation in the centrate of 99% is achieved independently of the season.

Quote from Mr. Mathias Noll - plant manager of the Grünstadt sewage treatment plant:

"I am happy to confirm that the successful implementation of the project for the construction of the new sludge dewatering plant was based on the high-quality technology used and the very good cooperation with the committed and experienced employees of Hiller."


KA Grünstadt DP45n 2 HP