In 2021 Hiller GmbH is celebrating its 50th anniversary and can look back at five decades of experience in the development and manufacture of decanter centrifuges and plants for solid-liquid separation.

 50 Jahre ohne Hintergrund

50 years is half a century of Hiller standing for:

  •          highest quality
  •          absolute reliability
  •          continual evolution
  •          team Hiller



50 years of highest quality

Because of our, now more than 50 years experience in the development and manufacture of decanter centrifuges for solid-liquid separation, we can guarantee our customers the highest product quality, automation and process stability.

For Georg Hiller senior, the company founder, quality had the highest priority from day one. In order to constantly meet this high standard, we focused on the highest standards and continuous quality control, not only in production in our plant in Vilsbiburg, but also through the choice of our global supply network.

50 Jahre Insta Qualität

At our production site in Bavaria we are known by our national and international customers for the high quality products and services fitting for the title of 'Made in Germany'.

Furthermore, continuous internal process optimisation and external certification has contributed to maintaining and expanding our high standards.


50 years of absolute reliability

Reliability: this word describes not only our products and services, but also our customer service.

Our decanters have always been distinguished by high reliability. Thanks to their long life and high durability, in conjunction with perfected maintenance concepts, our customers find their decision to buy Hiller decanters is always a long term, attractive solution.

And should it be urgent to work on any components related to our machines and plants, in this regard Hiller has always scored with a quick overhaul using the latest machine developments.

50 Jahre Insta Zuverlässigkeit

Our customer service is one further pillar for the high customer satisfaction. Even before purchasing, our interested customers are extensively consulted and solutions for their problems are conceived. Thanks to the availability of Hiller test and rental equipment, customers and those interested can test the performance of the equipment on site, or rent it, even for a longer period of time. When purchasing a new machine or plant, the Hiller project team will, when requested, take over the complete engineering, from plant extension and automation technology, to site supervision and acceptance of the turnkey decanter plant.

Hiller is an experienced partner for every aspect of the project, from installation planning, project planning of all the necessary individual electrical engineering components, to the overall planning of process-oriented customer solutions.

In this way we guarantee for our customers a dependable and economic operation of their plant, with a complete solution from one source.

To meet the requirements of process stability, in combination with greater operation security and plant useability, Hiller launched a highly effective servicing concept very early on. Our highly flexible customer service takes care of the systems installed, through the commissioning, maintenance servicing, training, process optimisation and machine diagnostics on site and online. These are tried and tested building blocks for the safe and economic operation of our customers' installations.


50 years continual evolution

In these fast moving times, standing still is stepping backwards. As an innovative company we never rest, but instead are constantly researching and developing further in order to improve our products, implement new applications and continually make our processes more effective.

An example is the patented Hiller Centrate Control. In order to ensure a consistently high degree of separation, the centrate from the machine is constantly monitored with the aid of an object sensor. In addition to the warning when there are poor centrate values, polymer consumption can also be optimised and unnecessary overdosing avoided. This results in cost savings for our customers through automated regulation and an improvement in the separation result.

The Hiller Remote Monitoring is a further recent innovation. With the help of a modem and data line, any disruptions at the customers' plants can be detected, assessed and rectified within minutes by Hiller service personnel. This possibility of remote monitoring has proved to be very important for us and our customers, especially during the Corona pandemic.

50 Jahre Insta Weiterentwicklung

Our leadership in control technology was further expanded with the new version of the Hiller SEE-Control pro. Its visualisation sets new standards in the servicing of decanters and wins one over with a fresh and simple design. The alarm and trend analysis supports the user and ensures a best possible machine performance. Additionally, our completely newly revised visualisation received the German Design Award 2021 as winner in the category 'Excellent Product Design- Human-Machine-Interface'.


50 years Team Hiller

After 50 years, Hiller GmbH can look back on a long, eventful history having experienced both highs and lows with its staff. That has made Hiller what it is today.

Without our loyal customers, longstanding business partners and many highly engaged staff who have helped over these 50 years, along with the company founder Georg Hiller senior, to build up and further develop the company, the current success would never have been possible.

The large number of highly qualified and skilled workers in every department is the foundation of the company.

In the meantime, about 180 employees belong to Team Hiller, of which about 150 are based at the Vilsbiburg site.

50 Jahre Insta Team Hiller 3