At the staff meeting on 24 June 2019, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ferrum AG, Dr. Beat Bühlmann, announced the change in the management of Hiller GmbH.
As of 01.07.2019, the new management will be composed as follows: Urs Affolter, Georg Diakourakis, Dietmar Heller.

New Hiller Management: Urs Affolter, Georg Diakourakis, Dietmar Heller
Dietmar Heller, Georg Diakourakis, Urs Affolter


Urs Affolter
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Head of Corporate Center

Georg Diakourakis
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Head of Sales & Customer Care

Dietmar Heller
Chief Operations Officer (COO) / Head of Production and Engineering

The previous interim managing director, Mr. Ernst Werthmüller, as well as CTO Georg Hiller will join the board of directors of Hiller GmbH, where together with Dr. Beat Bühlmann they will represent the interests of the sole shareholder (Ferrum AG) and provide strategic advice.

Furthermore, as Senior Head of Separation Technology, Georg Hiller will in future be responsible for the further development of separation technologies within the Ferrum Group.

June 2019